The winners can change their reality without changes them them. There is a history of a man who wanted to change the world. After he tried and he tried he could not. Our man insisted then on wanting to change his country and it was not possible either to him. In his quixotic work he could either change neither to his city nor its family; And they say that one was in his I milk of death and commented bitterly with his butler: " During all my life I tried to change the world, my country, my city, my family and failed irremediablemente". The answer of the butler surprised our man: " If you had dealed with cambiarte first, your transformation had operated a change almost magician in your family; if you had changed to your family, your city would be one better city: Having changed to your city you would have changed to your country and with that the world would have become a better place for vivir".

The dreamer died having learned its lesson behind schedule. That one is the best reason to value the learning of the life here and now. It thinks beyond your limitations. Convirtete in as great person as your God whatever this one is. The abundance is infinite and we are richer we shared when it. He is noble to think that we are not in this world to compete with God but to complete its work; In order to maintain its energy circulating in our lives and those of which they are related to us.

It enjoys the life like a great experience because it is it. It values every day and vvelo like the last one because a day will be the last one. Acostmbrate to appreciate " no" like passages in the way to " s" that you look for.

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