Sviatoslav Richter

1. To be familiar with English, it should be studied for a long time before determining it's true or not, define what it means to "know" English. If by the knowledge to understand the ability to communicate in English with foreigners and English-speaking people in general, we are talking about the usual communication in English. How long have studied English, most of us? At least 6 years in school. Probably, this can be considered a sufficient period, as many and can not carry on After this period of learning to speak English. After school, we are continuing to study English in colleges. But do we know it, can I say? More frequently – not. Obviously – no matter the duration of employment.

2. English to begin to teach a child if you want to know it well There is a perception that the child is better able to absorb information, so start learning languages is necessary in an age when the head is not jammed with "other information. But little did the world knows geeks who are to about 25-30 years? On the other hand, there are many cases where people who started to do something, at the age of "inappropriate for this purpose (it can be dance, music and languages and whatever), achieved international fame (Igor Moiseyev began dancing at age 14, Sviatoslav Richter began learning piano at 21). ומי בסון אוזן קשבת . Most probably, the most important – to have a strong motivation. Not age classes begin is crucial.

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