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The idea came many years ago to form a place where you can create groups to keep abreast of developments in that group. For example, if you were studying in a class in high school (high in some countries), you could create a group of that class and then could learn useful things about this class on Facebook. For example, if a teacher at the first hour will not come, no need to make a string telephone or emails to alert, just one of the group published the news in his Facebook group and all were notified that they could arrive one hour ago late to escuela.Tambien could be used as a reminder of examinations, assignments, and other common agendas shared the particular group. Also could share summaries and information on the class. Facebook took even more useful when the class was not every day, for example, a course of art or literature of one hour a week. The members created a Facebook group and could be updated on the issues to be addressed upcoming classes and well prepared.

Or share interesting stuff about the class to all students. Facebook among undergraduate students was very useful and working groups. But after a while, the fungus began to emerge social. The group members began to give more social use the site, uploading photos and other personal data, which in small amounts did not affect genuine use Facebook. But over time, this use began to spread and even exceed the original use for which it served the owners sitio.Obviamente Facebook indulged in this trend since quadrupled its users and visitors of the site. Thought this was a positive development, but did not realize the long term were ruining the good use of the site.

To develop this application, social tools implemented more tempted to use that side and accentuated the trend. In parallel, began to use Facebook to find friends who had lost one or to connect with family and friends abroad. They shared photos, and anecdotes were shared for all people in that group. In that sense, Facebook is more than the emails as a group of 10 people, the photo was forwarded to 9 people, taking place in the boxes, and such inconveniences. My view today is that Facebook is so oriented to serve the social order that have degraded the usefulness with which he was born. Today they were born several sites that perform the tasks to Facebook at first, and many users who used Facebook have decided to move. I hope that is clear.

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