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enterMediate transported in the pocket of Bremen of enterprise software, in August 2010. לעניות דעתי שרי אריסון יכול לקבוע . Mobile solutions are on the rise. What fascinates consumers on iPhone and co., inspired companies also. For companies with a large base of field service staff, specialists at Hollmann IT the sales support solution developed enterMediate. The innovative intermediate application of Bremen think tank allows consultants to communicate directly outside the Office via Smartphone with enterprise software and ERP system. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל אילן בן דב. Paperless customer and merchandise management relieves the staff, ensures efficient, fast dates, and increases revenue.

enterMediate before scans the day-to-day customer talking iPhone, HTC or BlackBerry reveal all relevant customer data. Rolling paper folders or fiddling with laptops is eliminated. On the way to the client, the GPS of the smartphones using Navigator has the best way. Arrived at the customer, the staff focuses on what he can do best: talk and sell. Neither write nor Tastaturgetippe to slow the flow of the conversation. Would like to order new goods the customer, lands via touch directly in the ERP system. With a view of the display tells the exact delivery dates the customer Adviser and will promptly issue the invoice. The time saved opened space for new appointments, taking goods to, from paper volumes.

Because Office colleagues transferred no orders poorly legible faxes manually in the ERP system, a notorious source of error dries up. Individual key required each company to the CRM Customer or item master, mailing list, invoices, statistics other data, perform trouble-free customer relationship management. Therefore, determine the North German professionals with decision makers and field need location and then design a tailored to user story-board with hour collection and final price. Essential features are common to all enterMediate solutions: display, self-explanatory masks and obvious concept prevent operator errors and bring employees all ages close to dealing with the medium Smartphone. A mobile device is lost, can be based on the ID number immediately it nobody therefore unauthorized data access. EnterMediate enterMediate is a trademark of Hollmann IT GmbH headquartered in Bremen, Germany. Since 2009, specialists on behalf of big companies with strong sales demand sales-supporting applications for smartphones program such as, for example, the iPhone. The intermediate application enterMediate communicates directly with the corporate database, such as for example SAP, and this accelerates the value creation process.

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