Paragraph: 4. The thought of century XIX started to see the competition as a benefit to all society, that in the conception of them, would lead to reach the progress. Page: 47. Paragraph: 5.

They exaltavam the competition, therefore they would only dominate the individuals capable. Page: 48. Paragraph: 1. The concepts of culture and civilization in the Europe had been created through the conceptions of progress. The etnocentrismo was the ideological support for the new colonialismo of century XIX. Page: 48. Paragraph: 2. The intellectual culture starts to be the concept used to define culture, according to superiority of the bourgeois classroom in relation to the other social segments. the language is plus an element that confirms this superiority. Page: 48. Paragraph: 3. The democracy progressed in century XIX with the bourgeois and laboring movements that, affirmed that the people had to obey to be able only it legitimate. Page: 49. Paragraph: 1. One of the reasons of the modern democracy is the liberty of speech, that if bases on the consolidation of the rights of the man and the citizen. Page: 49. Paragraph: 2. In accordance with the citizenship, is born in each citizen, a certain feeling of belonging to a determined social group with which the individual starts to have civil laws and politicians. Page: 49.Pargrafo: 3. The citizenship right implies in, one all, to create or to construct a collective memory as basic principle of Nation as, for example, the language, its customs, its traditions, etc.

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