More Partner Power With The Dresden Informatik GmbH

The Dresden Informatik GmbH is since the 06.09.2010 community. Dresden, September 14, 2010 – power for the community partner short description of the Dresden Informatik GmbH: the Dresden Informatik GmbH is a medium-sized IT company, which has successfully established itself as a developer of industry-independent software on the market. We concentrate our activities on the strategic business fields of enterprise resource planning, optimization of operational logistics, process control, and visualization. Our innovative software solutions as well as in many small and medium-sized enterprises are renowned globally active corporations. Do you know how to produce packaged chicken, cheese, or cigarettes? Do you know the production and logistics processes at one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide? Can you imagine driving stacker cranes in an automatic high-bay warehouse in 16 lanes and control the associated automatic conveyor? Ever wanted to see you, How to converted Airbus cargo aircraft and how these aircraft parts are produced? You are interested in it, how one can identify distance goods and containers by means of RFID over some meters? The activity in our company is characterized by interesting projects and much practical relevance. לחץ כאן חברת טבע ומצא עוד . Creativity and responsibility of our employees are key factors for the success and satisfaction of our customers. If we have aroused your interest and would like to develop software for our customers, you are interested in challenging tasks and would enjoy working in a collegial environment of a medium-sized, service-oriented systems integrator, please just apply with us.

Updates to the Dresden Informatik GmbH E-KANBAN system for Johnson Controls object Zwickau GmbH & Co.KG: Dresden Informatik GmbH won the contract for establishing an E-KANBAN system to optimize the supply of parts for the production of car seats by an external service provider to the Assembly line. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל קרן מיכאלי. These include in addition to comprehensive software and services and mobile data acquisition devices, scanners, and touch screens. Optimization of municipal services with RFID technology: Dresden Informatik GmbH is equipping the street drains and lamps of a Saxon town with RFID technology. Data collection during inspections and servicing local simple control actions with an MDE, the preparation of data, and passing in geographic information system belong to the solution. Further expanding of its presence in China: since August 25, 2010, the delivery control system DiVKS is at Robert Bosch GmbH in China also on the location of Dalian in productive operation. Other locations in China are responsible.

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