The activities mentioned in creating clients, I believe that all would be marketing responsibility, except the last, although you can participate in it. The activity provide the equally effective mechanisms that allow to establish contact and develop actions that will culminate in the creation of new customers is one responsibility of the sales area, notwithstanding that there must be a function that evaluates which are these mechanisms, which is its effectiveness and what your cost benefit to the organization. Surely marketing, can do this but the action that leads to a potential customer to make a purchase transaction, corresponds more to a sales activity. Well, regardless of functional areas or departments, it is important to be able to run these activities, which are key to the creation of new customers. In the field of the maintenance of customers, there are also several activities in which marketing would have interference. These are: knowing in detail how profitable is the relationship with this customer know their perception of the experience that has to be our client identify and understand any changes in your needs and expectations and react in a timely manner to strengthen the relationship with the customer through proposals that generate value for the and to be profitable for the company I would love to come to analyse in detail each of these activities, but the space and time does not allow me at this time.

However, we're going to approaching our goal on the subject of relational marketing. Bearing in mind that these can be major marketing activities, we see the meaning of the relational component. Concepts and Marketing applications were born very oriented to the mass marketing, i.e. לחץ כאן מייקל שטיינהרט ומצא עוד . the development of activities of as some of those mentioned above, but without higher level of discrimination, i.e. oriented towards very lengthy segments. For several decades an activity how to identify which are the clients who would be interested in purchasing my product or service, it required an effort to identify a large group of people or companies that met with some general variables.

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