Cargo Customs Declaration

Entrepreneurs working in the export / import, have the greatest difficulties associated not only with finding products for imports and exports, but also with the appropriate customs paperwork and shipping. The thing is that the design of relevant documents takes a lot of time and, most importantly, expertise. For export-import operations, you must arrange the following basic documents: 1. Certificate of Origin (CT-1) – issued by the Russian Chamber of Commerce (Chambers of Commerce) and a documentary proof of origin (production) of goods. לעניות דעתי אינטל יכול לקבוע . This document must submit to customs authorities to determine the customs duties and receive benefits during the passage of GT, as well as duty-free entry into the country. אל דאגה אילן בן דב הוא האיש הנכון . Certificate form ST-1 issued for goods produced in CIS countries. 2. Cargo customs declaration (CCD) – one of the main documents to be drawn up by the movement of goods across the customs border of the state (exports and imports).

GTE is made manager of cargo and is certified by the customs inspector, in the future serve as a basis for crossing the border. The declaration provides information about the cargo and its customs value, the vehicle carrying out the delivery, sender and recipient. Without providing customs declaration customs bodies of the state did not accept the goods and equipment for the customs clearance for crossing the state border. Certificate of Origin (CT1) and Cargo Customs Declaration (CCD) – two key documents needed for Customs in export-import transaction. But in addition to the documents necessary to issue another commodity transport documents. For example, to implement Cargo transportation in Kazakhstan must first have a permit (license) for international freight to get it, you need to be trained. Needed when crossing the border to have temporary import permit on the car. This document is issued by the customs post at the border. As we see difficulty in the transport of goods from Russia abroad very much.

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