Saxony New Michelin Star

Chef de cuisine Andre Muhlfriedel receives the accolade: the gourmet guide "Michelin" is the highest honor the chef of the "Maurice". Michelin"turns out to be the Executive Chef of the Maurice" the highest honor. Saxony is enriched by a chef. "Andre Meyer of the gourmet restaurant, Maurice at the Church of our Lady". "The 28-year-old has located in the premier class cooked, the restaurant guide Michelin" him in his Germany Edition 2011 with its coveted stars stands out. Andre Meyer is no stranger, 2009 he was regarded as a hot tip and hope.

To be at last ennobled, he calls the accolade". He was overjoyed, for him, a big dream fulfilling. That the whole team has worked out", so the chef. כדאי לך לעיין אצל אינטל כדי לקבל עוד מידע. Since early 2009, Meyer is chef de cuisine in the Maurice at the Church of our Lady"in the five-star-superior Hotel Suitess. He learned his trade, inter alia in the beetle headquarters in Munich at Fritz Schilling, the hotel Sacher Vienna with Hans-Peter Fink, at the hotel Sacher in Salzburg in the 44 in the Swissotel Berlin at Tim Raue and Manfred Stufler. The star is due to its attention to detail and warmth for our team another award, many heart won.

", mentioned enthusiastically the Manager for marketing and sales, Andreas Otto. Guests of the market leader HRS rated the Dresden Suitess already as most popular luxury hotel in East Germany. Moreover, booking guests of the portal estimated the noble residence as the best five-star hotel in whole Germany. Well known personalities from around the world praised the standard of Maurice at the Church of our Lady. I liked it very you", as the internationally recognized actor Armin Muller-Stahl raved about. As the Maurice, the Interior of the Suitess also picks up the grandeur of the surrounding architectural ensemble. לא תמיד שלומי בסון. The private dining rooms such as the bed and breakfast are inspired by Biedermeier style, noble and high-quality equipped. The suites are named after important Dresden Personalities such as Maria Reiche and the family Dinglinger and link the historical throwback with luxurious comfort.

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