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The majority of the people thinks to know to hear well, as well as thinks that it has mood sense. But to hear is, in the truth, the neglected ability more in the communication. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל אינטל אוזן קשבת . The problem is not to obtain that men speak, but is to obtain that ' ' Leaders ouam' '. Medite in these opinions: ' ' hears ' ' or ' 'people can say with it ' ' – (positive); ' ' knows everything, but ' does not know nothing; ' – (negative); ' ' says: why you do not count to me? but if I try to start and it does not leave to say me ' ' – (negative). i) The leader and the Leader leadership are all that one that, thanks to its personality, dirige a social group with the spontaneous participation of its members.

The Aurlio Dictionary (2004) thus defines the leader: ' ' Individual that it commands, it commands and/or it guides, in any type of action, company or line of ideas; Guide, head or conductor who represent a group, a chain of opinion; The representative of a parliamentary group of benches in an assembly; Individual, group or club that occupy the first position in any type of competio' '. (New Dictionary of the Portuguese Language, 3 ed. 2004) Leader is that one that plans, organizes, commands, co-ordinates and controls. The leader is, over all, an element that sobressai in the group and exerts influence on excessively. j) Leadership Is the function of the leader.

It is the conscientious effort to exert influence, in the direction to take the group to reach goals of permanent benefit, to take care of the real necessities of the group. To guide and to represent its group, in its interests and ideals. k) The five levels of the leadership the Fifth level, lowest of all, is of ' ' right of the heading or posio' ' , the people follow the leader because they have that to make it.

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