Every Year Again – 200 Years Of Oktoberfest In Munich

The famous call is heard again in a few days "Ozaptf is!". This year the Festival celebrates its 200th anniversary. It all began with the marriage of Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese in October 1810. To mark the occasion, a big horse race was held on the Theresienwiese today. King House and people were so impressed by the folk festival that it held since then every year.

Several times Munich were left without however their favourite Festival, shortly called "Oktoberfest", why it this year "only" is held to the 177 times. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל חברת היהלומים לאו שכטר אוזן קשבת . But why is the Oktoberfest actually in September? Blame is easy Munich "Horrible". It ever happens that the first snow storms sweep away already in October over the Bavarian State capital. Proposals a few weeks to bring forward the Festival because of the weather, were already in the early years. Because the surrounding terrain but was used, the harvest had to wait only. From the middle of the 19th century the Festival eventually could held in September and since 1904 the rule that the main Sunday must of the Oktoberfest Beer Festival between September 28 and October 4. Over the years the Oktoberfest by a local event became to a mass event with international reputation.

The Feast was exported abroad in numerous, but none of the copies come close to the Munich-based original. So, countless tourists every year from the United States, Japan and Australia specifically for Wiesnbier, Wiesnhendl, brass band and the unique atmosphere travel to Munich. The Oktoberfest has managed over time to give it a go and never lose his roots. The organizers have developed a knack to combine tradition and modernity. For example the official poster is designed each year by young talented from Munich. Today, the latest rides are just as much to the Oktoberfest as the traditional entry of the Oktoberfest landlords and breweries and breweries. Also in the clothes, old practices have received: who holds something in fashion, wears on the Oktoberfest Bavarian costume. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל רמי יהושע. The Men slip into the leather pants and women demonstrate the latest Dirndl. It is important to note an old rule: the Dirndl loop is right, is awarded to the winner, is left bound, the wearer is still up for grabs. So then visit the Oktoberfest without "Waadschn" should be performed but beware of the "Obandeln", with much joy. The Festival affect of course the German economy. The company adjust to this spectacle and offer numerous special offers. Visiting many of the shopping portal to prepare at the Munich Oktoberfest igraal.de: "Ausgschamde" price advantages provide more 'mass' pocket money. The matching Dirndl & accessories can be found, for example, when OTTO, C & A and Bon Prix; You can fly cheaply with Expedia and cheaptickets and accommodation & accommodation there is inexpensive with accorhotels and hotel.com. Fun Baron offers the right before and after program with Weisswurst seminar and tasting. Even after 200 years of Oktoberfest is still an exceptional event, the People of every age and country brings together and inspires. Cheers, and for the next 200 years!

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